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The Importance of dating diaries

I have got this little pink and yellow book where I keep all of my dating details for Upton Park escorts. The girls I work with at the escort agency in Upton Park think that I am going a little bit over the top, but I think it is a good idea. Before I worked at Upton Park escorts, I worked in a store in London and made part of my wages from commission. I noticed that I was really motivated by that and always kept my customers details. When we had something interesting in, I used to give them a call.

Okay, I really don’t do the same thing at Upton Park escorts but it would be fair to say that I like to keep in touch with my dates at the escort agency in Upton Park. When you don’t see a guy for a couple of weeks, it may help if you give him a call. Sound like you are concerned about him, and he may just want to come to see you again. I am not sure what the girls would call it, but I would call it business building.

Well, when I say that the girls at the escort agency in Upton Park don’t know what to call, I am not really telling the truth. One of the girls I have worked with at Upton Park escorts for some time calls it hustling. In my opinion it is not what I am doing at all. I just think that I am giving a guy a call reminding me him that I am still here at the escort agency in Upton Park. Nine times out of ten the guy is glad to hear from me and often comes to see me again.

I am not sure if it is for all o the girls at the escort agency to do call their dates. Some of the girls are a little but shy on the phone, and if you want to keep a dating diary, you must not be shy on the phone at all. I am rather pushy on the phone and like to see if I can get as many dates as possible in the week. Some of the girls at Upton Park escorts don’t seem to be so sure how to expand their business but I know it matters when you call up and check out how a guy is doing.

Do I take my job at Upton Park escorts a step too far? I don’t think and I have heard that many elite escorts in London do keep dating diaries and details of their dates. Of course you need to be very discreet. Not all gents would like you to phone up so I am very discreet. Before a gentleman leaves, or I live him, I tell him that I found him attractive and ask him if I could give him a call sometime. If he says yes, it means that he is happy for you to have his phone number. I think it is an idea that most escorts in London should consider. Like I sat to the girls here at Upton Park escort services, it puts a little bit of extra cash in your hand. At the end of the day, we can all do with something in our hand if you know what I mean.

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