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Am I too sexy for my own good?

Some girls who work for London x city escorts, look my like secretaries than escorts these days. I am not sure what is going on, but when I started in the escort business in London, all of the girls who worked for the best escort agencies, looked like fallen angels. Now you don’t get that so much and I think that dating styles with escorts in London has changed a lot. I enjoy looking sexy for my gents, and to be perfectly honest, I looking sexy for me as well.

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When I first started to date for London escorts, you could not get a gig without looking sexy. I always focused on looking really hot for my gents at London escorts back then, but now I have had to take a back a little bit. Sure, having a great cleavage is still an asset when you work for an escort agency in London, but it is about more than that to be fair. Instead of wearing a tight top, these days, you are expected to turn up in nice t-shirt instead. I love it, but I am not sure it makes me feel really sexy.
What about stilettos? I have all of these pairs of stilettos at the back of my wardrobe, but I don’t use then all of the time. A lot of gents don’t appreciate you turning up in a pair of stilettos these days, and would like to see you in a pair of nice shoes instead. The first time I had a request for what I now call a no stiletto date, I was kind of taken back. I must have been in thousands of dates for London escorts, but I had never been asked not to wear stilettos. That was something really new to me, and I even had to rush out to buy some shoes.

How about this then – the girlfriend experience? A couple of years ago, I joined another London escorts service, and the owner explained that they do get a lot of gents who are only interested in the girlfriend experience. I was a bit surprised as I have never had heard the expression before. But it turns out that a lot of gents who use London escorts services, look for the genuine girlfriend experience. I cannot blame them, but it feels kind of strange to behave like a girlfriend when you want to be sexy for your gent.

I am sure that the London escorts service is going to continue to evolve. These days, I do everything from the genuine girlfriend experience o BDSM dates. If you plan to become an escort in London, it is important to have the right kind of skill set. Some years ago, it was not something most London escorts worried about, but things have changed so much. I keep on wondering if we have not made it a little bit too complicated. How about getting together to have some good clean adult fun? Perhaps that is too simple these days, and working for a London escort service, means that you are more of an adult entertainer than anything else. It makes you wonder what is going to happen next.

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